About us


More than a mere agricultural method, Biodynamics is an inner attitude towards Nature, life, the noble agricultural activity and human development as a whole. Truly, only the deep knowledge of the laws of Nature and their rhythms, a profound understanding of all life’s manifestations and a serious devotion to agriculture as a human activity, can produce good quality products. And quality is a key word in Biodynamics, quality in production, quality in distribution and trading, quality in consumption and in human relations, environmental quality, i.e. quality of living.

Biodynamics in Portugal as a professional agricultural activity started in 2006 with the regular production and spraying of the biodynamic preparations in some organic certified farms that wished to do more than simply follow a set of standards. These were people who were concerned with a production method that they wanted to be more human related and a true bearer of life forces. The biodynamic work that they developed since then bore fruits in the increase of the subtle quality of their produce, in the increase of active life forces in their land and in the discovery of a new world network of human relationships that lives amongst all the people involved in Biodynamics.

ABIOP – ASSOCIAÇÃO BIODINÂMICA PORTUGAL is a formal association that gathers certified biodynamic farmers and other people who wish to turn the Biodynamic movement into an organization that can support, in every possible way, the development of Biodynamics in Portugal.



  • provides consultancy, training, materials and equipment to bring the biodynamic practice to a high standard
  • publishes books, leaflets and other printed material to support the understanding of Biodynamics and it’s practices
  • Strives for the establishment of a social national and international network, that can ease the production and commercial tasks of the producers as well as the rooting of a deep understanding of Biodynamics and its philosophical background


There is, nowadays, in Portugal, a lione of thought that prescribes a return to the past, to the old ways of cultivating the land.

This line of thought has been adopted by, mainly, young people. for whom living naturally is more  a way of  isolating themselves from society and  an escape to  comercial and social life.

Biodynamics is an inovating agricultural method, orientated towards the future and although it prescribes the use of natural products, it is far  from a return to the past

Biodynamics is an act of criativity. an inner attitude of reverence for nature and the certainty that only man in possession of all it’s capacities, can determine, following natural laws and rythms, the building of a new Cosmos.

In Biodynamics we work not only with natural substances but also with  formative forces in Nature.